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Start-Up Investment Fund - NBIF

An already established company pursuing the opportunity to sell a new or improved product, service or technology that meets an unmet market need- up to $100,000 grant.

Self-Employment Benefit Program - Government of New Brunswick

This program helps unemployed individuals create a job for themselves by starting a new for-profit business. The individual must be unemployed and eligible for EI. Program will cover some funding, coaching, and technical advice.

Breakthru - NBIF

This program helps unemployed individuals create a job for themselves by starting a new for-profit business. The individual must be unemployed and eligible for EI. Program will cover some funding, coaching, and technical advice.

Canada Small Business Financing Loan

Can provide a Canadian business with up to $500,000 in financing to further develop an existing business.

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) - National Research Council

For small and medium-sized businesses in Canada (500 or fewer employees); must be incorporated, profit-oriented, building innovative technology-driven new or improved products, services or processes.

Business Development Program - ACOA

Interest-free repayable assistance to cover start-up working capital and for developing and commercializing innovative ideas.

Youth Employment Program - NRC IRAP

IRAP will assist in paying a recent graduate (aged 15-30) to work for a small to medium sized enterprise. The SME must be incorporated and have less than 500 employees.

Business Innovation Access Program - NRC IRAP

$20 million poll to be spread nationally to fund small and medium sized enterprises access to business services/technology assistance.

Small Business Loan - Business Development Bank of Canada

Up to $50,000 for a business that has been in operation for at least 24 months and is owned by a Canadian citizen of permanent resident.

Working Capital Hybrid Solutions- BDC

Companies must be an established, high-growth firm with a strong management team, demonstrating quality of financial reporting. Funding ranges from $250,000 - $35M.

Elevate - Mitacs

At least $50,000 per year for a research fellow. Eligibility depends upon federal, provincial & partner organizations funds.

Innovation Voucher - NBIF

Can be used for concept validation, development or evaluation for a provincially or federally incorporated business. Projects ranging in size from $10,000 to $100,000. NBIF will fund 80% of the total cost.

Venture Capital Investments - Business Development Bank of Canada

For high growth: IT Companies, Healthcare Venture Fund, Industrial, Clean and Energy Technology, and a diversified Portfolio. Initial direct venture investments usually range from $250,000 - $3,000,000 and are part of a financing round that can range from $1M - $10M.

Venture Capital Fund - NBIF

The company must be high-risk and growth oriented. The product or service must fit within one of NBIF's strategic industries (ICT, Energy & the Environment, Bioscience, Aerospace & Defence, etc). Investments range from $50,000 - $1,000,000.

Build Ventures

Focused on early stage technology companies across the Atlantic region.

Rho Canada Ventures - Rho Capital Partners

Early-stage investment into Canada's most innovative technology companies from new media, to mobile application, to wireless infrastructure, and everything between.

The Entrepreneurship Society

Access to Capital Missions - connects established, growth-oriented business owners (5M+ in revenue or $1M VC) from Atlantic Canada into investment heavy cities such as Toronto for investment readiness training & strategic guidance on growth. Also provides access to quaterly key networking events. By application & invitation.

First Angel Network

Seeking early stage start-ups with high growth potential, global prospects, competitive advantage and a business opportunity in a superior product.

Community and College Social Innovation Fund - SSHRC

Up to $200,000 over 1-3 years for post-secondary insitutions, students and community organizations who are looking to collaborate to generate socially innovative ideas.

Trico Foundation - Social Enterprize

Financial Award for social entrepreneur or small-profit business that has been doing well for more than three years.

ArcTern Ventures

ArcTern Ventures is a privately-backed venture capital fund that provides early-stage capital to companies developing breakthrough ideas in the clean-tech sector.

RBC Generator Fund

The RBC Generator fund aims to generate market, or near-market, returns by investing in Canadian for-profit businesses tackling social or environmental challenges. Investment opportunities will be evaluated based on their potential to deliver long-term financial return, as well as benefiting either energy, water, employment or education.

Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency

C3E contributes to the commercial success of proven technological innovations in energy efficiency and renewable energy by financially supporting the implementation of innovative business models. 

Investment criteria:

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors

  • Produt/technology distinction

  • Rising sales cycle

  • Techno-managerial entrepreneurial culture

  • Innovative business models

  • Creates jobs in Canada

SEED Capital Initiative - ACOA

Amount of money is dependant on location of municipality; funding is to help start, expand or modernize your business. Individuals must be between 18-34 years of age.

Loan Program - Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) 

Maximum of $150,000 designed for anyone looking to start or purchase a business. The business must make a net economic impact on the community.

Financing and Mentoring - Futurpreneur

Can finance up to $45,000 for a term of 5 years, with interest only payments in the first year. Age eligibility is 18-39. Applicants must be starting a full-time business. Part-time students or full-time students in their last year of studies, newcomers, social enterprises and almost all sectors are eligible, ready for commercialization.

Technology Commercialization Program - Technology, Management and Entrepreneurship at UNB

Up to $10,000 of seed capital to conduct market validation and prototyping.

Assists with early-stage business models and prototype development. Up to $10,000.

Idea and Early-Stage - Exploration
Project Feasibility Study - Canadian Alternative Investment Foundation

The foundation will provide grants in the $5000 - $8000 range for project feasibility studies. This stream provides a preliminary level of support meant to help charitable organizations better understand their goals, roles and what deliverables are possible. Step 1 of 3 provided by CAIF.

Saint John Community Loan Fund

Loans range from $2,500 to $7,500. Businesses must have a completed business plan that demonstrates viability. Individuals must reside in Saint John, Kings or Charlotte County to be eligible.

Business Model and Business Plan - Experimentation

Crowdfunding raises funds through the collection of small contributions of money from the general public using internet and social media. With a clear message, a defined goal of funds needed to be raised and a strong passion for enterprise, entrepreneurs can raise the funds they need whithout banks or other institutions.

Note: new opportunities in NB & NS for equity crowdfunding. Crowdfuning is open at any stage of business development. Below are some examples of crowdfunding platforms.

Partnership Development Grants - SSHRC

Between $75,000 and $200,00 over 1-3 years for a fellowship for a student to research, building knowledge and understanding towards complex and important topics. A SE or Non-Profit must apply with a student applicant and a university to assist in administering the research.

Training and Consulting Services (TCS) Program - LearnSphere

$10,000 grant for SMEs who are currently exporting or planning to export internationally.

Commercialization Consulting and Mentoring (CCM) Program - LearnSphere

Maximum of $16,750 grant for SMEs, Universities, Research Insitutions, and Strategic partners who are looking to test and validate a product or service and launch it.

Trico Foundation - Futurpreneur Canada

Maximum of $16,750 grant for SMEs, Universities, Research Insitutions, and Strategic partners who are looking to test and validate a product or service and launch it.

Business Plan Development - Canadian Alternative Investment Foundation

Grants of $8000 - $10,000 for business plan development consultation and support. In order to receive this grant, an organization must have completed a Feasibility Study (financed by CAIF or otherwise). This grant will allow an organization to move from the theroretical to th practical in how objectives will be met in order to reach organzational goals. Step 2 of 3.

Innovative Communities Fund - ACOA

Assistance is non-repayable. The amount to each project is determined by the assessment of the level of funding required. Must have strategic projects that build the economies of Atlantic Canada's communities.

Incorporated - Formal Legal Structure
Atlantic Innovation Fund - ACOA

Designed for companies that are looking to adapt existing technology to their enterprise. Assistance of up to 80% fund coverage for non-profit organizations; 75% for private-sector projects. Funding can range from $500,000 - $3M.

Accelerate - Mitacs

Up to $15,000 grant for student employment (Masters or PhD) who are researching to solve business-related challenges.

Capacity Building Grants - Canadian Alternative Investment Foundation

Grants from $10,000 to $15,000 for organizational capacity building. Grants would be made available to assist in the execution of a specific project with direction towards hiring/retaining project management expertise and/or financial expertise. In order to access this fund, organizations must have completed a Business Plan (financed by CAIF or otherwise).

Operation over 12 Months - Pioneering & Launch
Women in Business New Brunswick - CBDC

Grants available for businesses with women who own at least 50% of the business, have 50% of operating control, are involved in daily operations of the business, and the business being in operation for 2 years.

Please contact for an application.

National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) - Engage Grants

Up to $25,000 for up to 6 months. The grant orientation is towards solving a company specific problem. The company problem should have technical merit, industrial relevance and potential for innovative impact with a benefit to Canada economically, socially, and environmentally.

Operation over 24 Months - Profit & Self-Sustainability
Venture Capita
Venture Capital - Scale
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